Bauble - 0.8 Changes

You can download the latest version of Bauble from here.

What's New

  • SQLAlchemy 0.4 Bauble 0.8 will be built on on the SQLAlchemy 0.4 series which should be faster, more consistent and stable than previous releases.
  • Reporting and ABCD The report and abcd plugins have been reworked to make it easier add specific ABCD data to Plant, Accession and Species types. This also means that more data will be available to the reporting engine. Also, with the new private field in Accessions it is possible to avoid creating reports or exports with sensitive data.
  • Tests Bauble 0.8 includes more comprehensive tests so that we should expect less regressions between releases.
  • Improved UI A lot of spit and polish has gone into the user interface. For example, Bauble should show the progress bar when retrieving large search results. Also we've added tooltips to the editors to give context on what the different field mean. That's just a couple of example, there's plenty more.
  • Browsable InfoBoxes The InfoBox is the pane next to the search results that show information about the item selected from the search results. They've always been there but now they're browsable. E.g., when viewing an Accession, click on the Species name in the Accession InfoBox and it will select or add that Species to the search results.

Incompatible Changes

  • Added a datum column to the collection table so that we can designate the GPS datum for coordinates.
  • The tag format has changed. Where in tagged_object we used to only store the name of the class we now store the name of the class with its full namespace, e.g. instead of just Accession.
  • Accessions now have a private column.
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